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Empty as a Scarecrow (Heirs of Oz 2)

Emerald City yearns for blood. . .

Cinder had no idea what she was getting into when she fell into Oz, but the devilishly sexy Scarecrow was as unexpected as the glass shards in her feet. He’s dangerous, that much she knows, but despite his penchant for villainy, Crow is nothing compared to what she’s running from. Cinder is desperate to get away from the peril behind her, but prophesy breeds new violence. There is no escape.

The threat to Oz grows around them and though Cinder is strong, she has her own ghosts to battle. She shouldn’t be worried about the heat in Crow’s eyes; she should be putting as much distance as possible between herself and the Enchanted Forest. If she’s not careful, those ghosts will come back to haunt her.

With Oz the epicenter of the merging worlds and new monsters being released, will Cinder be strong enough to survive the breaking? Will she walk away with her heart and soul intact?

It’s time for madness to come to Oz. . .

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About Kendra Moreno

Kendra Moreno is secretly a spy but when she’s not dealing in secrets and espionage, you can find her writing her latest adventure. She lives in Texas where the summer days will make you melt, and southern charm comes free with every meal. She’s a recovering Road Rager (kind of) and slowly overcoming her Star Wars addiction (nope!), and she definitely didn’t pass on her addiction to her son (she did). She has one hellhound named Mayhem who got tired of guarding the Gates of Hell and now guards her home against monsters. She’s a geek, a mother, a scuba diver, a tyrannosaurus rex, and a wordsmith who sometimes switches out her pen for a sword. 


If you see Kendra on the streets, don’t worry: you can distract her with talks about Kylo Ren or Loki. 

#LokiLives #BringBackBenSolo 

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